Tony Gaitatzis

Quantified Health Innovator


There is a fundamental flaw in the health care system right now. I'm developing a solution.

I am applying advanced technology to create disruptive health care tools that monitor your brain health.

This and other tools will radically change how health care works everywhere.

Here's the problem I see, the solution I'm working on, and the outcome I envision.

Prohibitively Expensive
Inaccessible in rural areas
Doctors are overwhelmed
Doctors are in short supply
Urgent care prioritized
Make affordable technology
Make technology mobile
Automate continuous analyses
Doctors contacted if needed
Focus on preventative health
Health care for the poor
Health care in rural areas
Doctors get full case histories
Doctors focus on challenges
Increased quality of life


How do I do all that? By bringing my unique and varied skill set whole-heartedly to every venture I engage in.

venn diagram of my skills
Forward Thinker
Renowned for architecting the future I envision
Co-founded several tech startups
Industry Experience
Worked with major industries and government, including Apple and Canadian Government
Management Experience
Has managed teams of 6-8 people for 8 years
Has been a chef, performer, and speaker
Cross Cultural
Has lived in 6 countries, including a Greek monastery


I have developed this skill set over many years. I've been an entrepreneur from day one. I've been working with clients to solve problems most people don't even realize they have for more than a decade. From funding my education with my first startup to running the entire Apple Canada website from my rural home in Greece.

visual timeline of my work


The work I do gets attention. That's because I work on amazing things and know how to talk about them.


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